55,000 Applicants Compete For Twitter Internship

Competition in the tech space is fierce but this is unheard of. A reddit user posted that Twitter claims to have received 55,000 applications for its internship position. The user went on to express frustration at the lack of transparency and communication during Twitter’s interview process.

Twitter received 55000 applicants for lengthy recruitment process
credit: Reddit.com/cscareerquestions

In a screenshot shared by another Reddit user, Twitter appears to have to sent out rejection emails to at least some hopeful candidates explaining that the selection process has been extremely competitive due to the overwhelming number of applicants.  In the email, Twitter says “We received overwhelming interest this year and the hiring process has been competitive with over 55,000 candidates.”

Source: https://i.imgur.com/r5MlBoR.png

Many applicants are expressing their frustration with Twitters interview process. Complaints about the recruitment process range from Twitter being unresponsive to being outright deceptive. Many users claim that they reached the very last steps of the interview process but never heard back after that. Some users surmise that Twitter may actually have a hiring freeze and are keeping the applicant pool large so they can cherry pick top candidates later on. Some are even drawing comparisons to Etsy “halting” it’s internship program earlier this year.

The tech sector has seen unprecedented growth. At first there was a huge demand for Software Programmers but recently, there has been a huge increase in Computer Science majors at universities across the country. Add to that, the number of online schools and coding bootcamps, it’s possible we’ve reached a point where the supply outweighs the demand.


Reddit source: https://www.reddit.com/r/cscareerquestions/comments/7l54er/stop_playing_with_us_twitter/

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