Get Carried Away With The Away Carry On

If you’re in the market for new luggage, you might want to take a look at the modern luggage brand Away. They take a minimal approach on luggage to focus on simplicity and function. The hardshell suitcases are sturdy (they call it “unbreakable”) yet thin and light enough for maximum capacity.

Hardshell Carry-on Luggage in Minion Yellow by Away Travel
Away Carry-on In Minion Yellow. Credit:

After a little bit of resistance, we have become huge fans of hard shell suitcases. The dual compartment can be tricky at first but it’s a great asset when packing. You can easily separate your shoes from your clothes, or separate your jackets and sweaters from your shirts and jeans. The divider on Away suitcases are unique too. Instead of a zippered divider, Away suitcases have a hard flap which you buckle and tighten for maximum compression. Each suitcase comes with a waterproof laundry bag. The smooth hard exterior is great once you’re ready to hit the road. When you order a car service, hardshell suitcases are much easier for your chauffeur to organize in the trunk. Finally, once you’re on the plane, they easily slide in and out of the overhead compartment. Without any bulky exterior pockets or zippers that can get caught on the overhead bin, you won’t hold up the line as you struggle with your luggage. (Trust us. People will like you.) The biggest draw might be the built in battery to charge USB devices.

Yes, you read that right.

You can charge your iPhone from your suitcase!

Removable USB Charger in the Away Carry-On in Blush Pink
The Away Carry-On in Blush Pink. Credit:

Who hasn’t run the risk of a dead phone or iPad while traveling? Sure, there are outlets and charging ports sprinkled around most airports, but have you seen the charging stations at LAX? No Thanks. With a built in charger in your luggage, you won’t have to hunt for an outlet or huddle around a crowded charging station. You can head straight for the lounge, grab a drink, and continue being the social media superstar that you are without fear of running out of charge. If you’re jet-setting on a budget, the price point for luggage of this quality is great too. They come with most of the bells and whistles of higher-end luggage yet remain affordable with a standard carry on priced at $225 with a lifetime warranty.

So, go ahead. Check all of your social media, and check it twice!

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