The It-bag for this holiday season

Just a few days ago, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped out together for their first public appearance since they announced their engagement. As with all princesses past, Meghan’s fashion choices were a hot topic from head to toe. The biggest topic at the moment? Her interesting little handbag.

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She is seen carrying a small burgundy leather bag by Scottish fashion house Strathberry.  She is carrying their signature midi tote. It’s a unique bag with a triangular shape and bar closure. It comes in a variety of colors as well as some shearling finishes. It’s priced at £455.00 (or about $600 US Dollars) and can be purchased from or can found in some Saks 5th Avenue stores in New York.

While carrying a designer bag is not particularly groundbreaking, it is an interesting choice for the princess to-be. Most female members of the royal family opt to carry a clutch purse. Kate Middleton is well-known for her love of clutch purses during public appearances, but it’s not just a fashion choice. The clutch is often held with both hands and rests in the front. This way, the Dutchess can be selective about shaking hands. By keeping both hands occupied, she can opt for a simple smile if she wishes not to shake hands.

While Megan Markle might not be aware of this etiquette, she did spark some conversations about her choice. Carrying a small tote with a handle leaves her free to shake hands with anyone and everyone. Despite any royal concerns, the bag was an immediate hit. It sold out within minutes and is on backorder in most colors. Strathberry is, of course, hoping to keep with the unexpected demand since it’s arguably the hottest bag of this season.

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